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We started out with a focus on taking the best ingredients – superior coffee beans, teas, herbs — and finding the processes to deliver them to consumer connoisseurs with the best possible taste. 

We did the research to find the ultimate cold-brewing process for coffee and then applied that to produce our yummy Aspen Glow Red tea!

Serious research and experimentation led us to the creation of our amazing coffee/tea bar concept – the equipment is in the patent process –to provide the thrilling nitrogenized experience.

Our upscale on-premise retailer-partners have adopted the coffee/tea bar concept and proudly offer our products at their locations to keep staff and guests happy.

One other development has been finding the best packaging method – canning – to deliver our coffees and teas to consumers for home or on-the-go use, purchased either from a chilled retailer location or over the net for direct delivery.

Meet our Inventor

Meet our inventor and CEO, Steve Johnson. He is an agriculturalist, mountain biker, entrepreneur and an inventor. Steve is also our master coffee brewer, where he crafts unique, flavorful combinations for our customers.

After discovering he had Type 2 diabetes he decided to DO something to help his health, so he took up mountain biking. He quickly fell in love with the sport because it was great exercise for helping control his diabetes. Plus, it invigorated his life and gave him a chance to make close friends with people he met on the trails he travels.

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Our Heritage…

BUT, riders need to keep cool, drink LOTS of liquids and maintain high energy. Unfortunately, the primary “energy and recovery beverages” are sugary, syrupy drinks with tons of additives. The available coffee and tea drinks can be bitter or require “doctoring up” to be palatable.

None of these beverages were good for his health AND – they didn’t even have good flavor.

Steve decided to research better alternatives and found himself doing his own cold brewing. In his research he also discovered that using nitrogenation could help with a satin-smooth flavor. He went on to experiment with equipment to maintain the cold brewed flavors, whether the coffee or tea was hot or cold.

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